Giving Voice to Others

I find the people of my age group are often stereotyped as the spoilt generation, so I think it is very important for us to allow our voices to be heard about our opinions on issues that have major impacts on our world.

I think our opinions are often ignored when it comes to the political side of music and social issues as we are branded as being “misinformed” or “too young to have an opinion.”

The importance of assisting disadvantaged children around the world certainly needs to be a topic more focused on by my generation, as we are the next leaders of the world. Whether it is physical disadvantages or social disadvantages, for example children born into a low socio-economic class or a third world country, those fortunate enough to be living in a safer environment should certainly exercise their voice in order to ensure these children are able to be given equal opportunities and access to the basic requirements to live safely, for example, not living in a home where they are exposed to abuse.

Hannah Cleary, GEN3M