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talent competition



Talent Competition

What’s Happening with Gen3M?

We’re defining who we are, for the world. First up, we’re supporting disadvantaged children with the Children’s Manifesto (see the Productions tab) If you want to just upload a video to your social media platform, declaring, “I’ll be reading out the Children’s Manifesto at school (or wherever)”, that’s fine. Go straight to CLICK TO ENTER.

Talent Quest: There will be winners in each of the talent categories. This section is relevant for the song Gen3M. If you’re a singer, sing it. If you’re not a singer, speak it. Your entry is accepted as a preliminary audition.

If you have talent in another area, public speaking, being funny, dancing, gymnastics whatever go straight to CLICK TO ENTER. Good luck !

Several roles in the first theatrical production have already been assigned.

Winners will each are offered a key role in the movie “The 3rd Millennium” OR a key role in the mini-series OR a key role in the theatre production. Finalists will be required to submit an audio of the whole song (sung or spoken).

You can submit your audio recording (with the Gen3M instrumental backing) of a stanza (verse), in any language, of the Gen3M song categories by recording it on video, using the hashtag #gen3mcomp and uploading it to your social media platform with the #Gen3M hashtag in the description . You can submit as many entries as you wish. Instrumental can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page (under the heading Gen3M Audio).

GEN3M Demo Songs Below

Gen3M contestants can submit their version of the song or songs.

A demo audio for each language is available below, with the instrumental track. They are downloadable. Sing it, or speak it, however you feel it.  Let’s hear it.

The winner is ……………………… will you be one of them?



Gen3M Audio

Gen3M – Lyrics v.1

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Arabic Arabic    
Chinese Chinese    
French French    
Hindi Hindi    
Japanese Japanese    
Russian Russian    
Spanish Spanish