What is Happening?

We are letting the world know that we have come of age and one of our priorities is getting some assistance to disadvantaged children. 


We’re staging a series of concerts in various countries around the world. They will be held in small venues and large, from universities to church halls to stadiums. If you’d like to join a production at your Uni, town or city or get your own group together in a production, just let us know. Dates and locations will be advised.

Student Action

Students of numerous universities are assisting young people around the world in their support for one of the most audacious attempts to bring awareness to the plight of disadvantaged children globally. Hundreds of students from Champagnat College, Pagewood, Australia, blazed a path into the 3rd Millennium and beyond as they declared “The Children’s Manifesto”; carrying the legacy of the children of the 2nd. Millennium into the future.

Hundreds more students, those of La Salle College, Greenhills in the Philippines then offered their support, recording “The Children’s Manifesto” in English and Tagalog, as the legacy was sent onwards to Peru and Brazil for the recording in Spanish and Portuguese. It has now been recorded, or being recorded, in Farsi (Persian), French, Mandarin, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, being 9 languages so far, with more to be added.

  • School Girls Kidnapping

    Are the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria forgotten? No! 

    Read OPINION

    School Girls Kidnapping
    Mary Patel
  • March for Our Lives

    Are the 17 Florida school shooting victims - and other victims of school shootings - to be forgotten? No!


    March for Our Lives
    Mary Patel
  • Student Involvement

    Students of University of Sydney have been joined by students of the University of NSW and New York University as student involvement just continues to grow. Millennials are helping Gen3M.

    Be the first at your university to register.

    Student Involvement
  • Media Productions

    Some of the content for the media productions are included (see Products tab).

    Essentially, they include socio-political commentary with some incredibly great music - to be presented by students of the respective universities, or groups, where the productions are to be performed:

    So, if you have an opinion to project in ecomonic, social or political issues, or are competent in organising events, or can sing, dance or ring a bell, just log on and be part of the production in your country. email admin@gen3m.com and put 'logon' in the Subject and just enter your name below.

    Media Productions
  • Break Out

    Gen3M's breakout into 2019 has begun as the oldest turn 18 this year. The Gen3M Media Team met to address global issues from climate change to gun control, with the documentary to be released shortly.

    Quasars, the song competition, across 9 languages, preceding the release of a theatrical production and the first movie, will have several winners in each category.


    Break Out

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